GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection

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1/08/2001 - Anthony Liguori < >

There is a new release available (GLBCC-0.1.1) at the downloads page that fixes all known installation problems. The problems were fixed thanks to lots of help from a couple testers. Brian Pugh did an aweful lot of Windows testing though and really helped get the Windows version to actually work properly. We also have a brand new logo thanks to David Coker who is going to be helping out with the web site. GLBCC was also made a member of the SourceForge Gnome Foundry.

Oh yeah, there is a Yahoo! group dedicated to users of GLBCC - verses the SourceForge mailing list devoted to developers. You can access the Yahoo! group by clicking here.

1/01/2001 - Anthony Liguori < >

Well, GLBCC is running strong. I am still trying to work out all of the install problems with the first GLBCC package. This may all be a mute point very soon though because I am building a new compiler system from the GCC source myself. I've tracked a majority of the Windows problems down to bad paths. GCC has a mechanism built in to read paths from the registry which is what it does by default. It is, for some reason, disabled in the binaries I distributed though.

I have been spending most of my time working on a grammatical definition for LB using Lex and Yacc. I have created a grammar definition that is fully compatiable with the documented features of LB2.02. I also made a small program to use this definition to translate LB code into XML. See the developers page for more information about this and on how to download a windows or linux executable to try it out yourself.

I am focusing most of my effort on changing GLBCC from a program to convert LB code to C code to one that generates assembly in the GCC RTL format. This is actually alot easier than it sounds and with the functioning grammar, it should be relatively easy from here. The really good thing about this is that it will allow a lot of libLB to be written natively in LB. This should really increase the developer base for GLBCC and also encourage people to add to the language on their own. See the developers page for more information.

12/21/2001 - Anthony Liguori < >
The first version of GLBCC was checked into CVS today.  The developers page has instructions accessing the CVS repository.  The first release of GLBCC should be right around the corner.  All the code is there, it's just a matter of deciding what packages to distributing, writing the necessary scripts to generate them, and then releasing the files.
12/18/2001 - Anthony Liguori < >
Today is the beginning of the GLBCC project.  This is marked by the release of this website.  Enjoy.

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