GLBCC Install Guide

1. Introduction

This document outlines the installation procedures for GLBCC.  GLBCC attempts to be as compact as possible while still allowing general use on whatever system it is installed on.

2. Windows Install

2.1. Current Procedure

Currently, to install GLBCC on a Windows system, simply download the Windows binary distribution of GLBCC, and unzip it to C:\GLBCC.  Then run the install.exe program in that directory.  If a different path is required, unzip to the desired path and then run the install.exe program.  After running install.exe, modify the C:\Windows\GLBCC.INI file changing all references to C:\GLBCC to whatever directory GLBCC is installed at.

2.2. Future Plans

In the future, it would be nice to better integrate with explorer by associating a Compile option in the right menu of any .bas file.  The only thing really stopping me know if the fact that this requires Registry modifications.  I would rather not have to deliver a registry file to merge and instead use the native calls but LB currently provides no interface to accomplish this.  That may change in the future though.

3. Linux Install

3.1. Basic Install

The Linux install is rather simple.  Unpack the GLBCC distribution and then execute a "make install" command in the top level.  The default action is to install the binaries in /usr/local/bin, the libraries in /usr/local/lib/glbcc-lib and the shared files in /usr/local/share/glbcc.  If different install targets are required, simply modify the Makefile to point to the desired install locations.

3.2. Installing Cross-Compiler

If you have downloaded the package with the Win32 cross-compile support, you will automatically have the cross-compiler installed by following the above procedures.